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they wait substory. let's get this guy like you would smear about guys stead of working for the people oh titian's the beach the media were pretty chummy bridegrooms didn't. because. they did run it well. we're. the plastic. over by the if you go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which correct all books. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we were revealed the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the truck rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing our family member ready to join the
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movement then welcome to the big picture. book on time are out of washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. another day and i was school shooting almost one year to the day after the newtown massacre a gunman opened fire at a colorado high school this afternoon killing himself and injuring three others how many more tragedies is he going to take to get meaningful gun control this country talk about that and more in tonight's big picture and could barack obama actually be worse than richard nixon when it comes to first amendment violations i'll ask james c. goodell in tonight's conversations with great plans.
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you need to know this tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut for twenty six children and adults lost their lives and as if we needed any more reminders of just how bad the epidemic of gun violence is in america there was another school shooting just hours ago a student with a gun walked into a rap a high school and some colorado with the intent of confronting a cheap teacher and shot at least one student who's in serious condition a student shooter then apparently took his own life according to law enforcement officials arapahoe high school is located in centennial colorado a suburb of denver and just miles away from columbine high school site of a tragic one thousand nine hundred ninety shooting and you are a movie theater where james holmes opened fire in july of two thousand and twelve killing twelve people and injuring seventy others meanwhile all across this country americans are dying every day thanks to senseless and completely preventable gun violence although it's now been almost two years since the newtown massacre and gun
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control movement is still fighting an uphill battle one hundred nine different gun laws have been passed by state legislatures across the country since december fourteenth two thousand and twelve thirty nine of them have tightened gun restrictions and made it harder for people like the newtown killer to get weapons of war but seventy of those one hundred nine laws have loosened gun restrictions so why have lawmakers been able to make more headway in the fight to curb gun violence in america well it all comes out of the n.r.a. to money to corporate control of our wall makers let's rubble. joining me for tonight's big picture rumble our mark errol libertarian commentator journey we call williams democratic strategist in turkey and dutch martin advisory board member of project twenty one a contributor to townhall dot com thank you all for joy thank you you thank. as i
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mentioned in the intro it's been a year tomorrow it will be a year for sandy hook and the only law that congress has passed that anything to do with going in troll is reauthorizing basically this twenty five year old law the invisible firearms a undetectible firearms act. you know which is nothing i mean it's just it's not it doesn't even quite approach commonsense meanwhile the n.r.a. through president john morse of the colorado state senate out of office and senator angelo de jure on our gear on. both voted out of office in a special recall election where basically just. the n.r.a. base showed up for this thing. aren't these given that the n.r.a. is funded by and large even though they have a fairly large membership base they're funded by and large by big weapons manufacturers this is big money here we're talking about isn't this is another strong argument for getting money out of politics the vast majority of americans
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actually want sensible gun control legislation mass majority of n.r.a. members actually want the gun show loopholes closed duch well you know what this isn't about well the first of all me just say look any school shooting this tragic however you however way you slice it it's not so much about gun control i'm not against sensible gun control legislation sensible gun laws but this is about mental illness ok this is about the fact that in our society there are a lot of mentally ill mentally unstable people in our society and that's nothing to be ashamed of what needs to happen is that the the cloud of shame in guilt needs to come off of those who are genuinely sincerely suffering from mental emotional cycle is so obamacare including mental illness and making sure that everybody in america is covered for that is your solution i didn't say obamacare was the solution ok used better then let's take it back to you know i mean richard wilkins and. i have
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done some brilliant work over equality tries they wrote a book called spirit level a previous book called why inequality matters and what they found and i don't quickly have the graphics here to throw up on the screen but we've done shows on this is that as any quality increases in countries suicides go up and mental illness goes up as an absolute demonstrably linear step by step relationship between the two between inequality and mental illness between inequality and suicidal people would have a cause of inequality that's the question i would have well the largely tax policy oh you think so to these authors know those authors don't ask any colleagues and i would submit to you that if you if you asked you know any economist what causes inequality it would be taxable why would i would venture that i would say that a lot of the inequality that happens in society yes a lot of it you're born into but at the same time it doesn't necessarily mean it can be your that is supposed to be your permanent place in life a lot of people and studies have shown this a lot of people who are born on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum through
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hard work education learning the skill learning the trade not getting married or having children until they're at least twenty one in gainfully employed they move up. for reaganomics you know we were the most socially mobile kind of over six hundred eighty now we are the least socially mobile country of the thirty four countries in the o.e.c.d. country here's the here's social health and social mobility problems based on inequality is the graph from wilkinson pickett's work income inequality you know the ratio of the top twenty to the bottom twenty and health index of health and social problems and you can see the usa is like off the scale because our inequality is so bad we go all these problems it's just i mean it's just anyway but but i you know i don't want to just do this with. your thoughts and my thoughts on this one getting back to your position with regard to mental illness i agree that mental illness is something that we should address that and you know that's why it is part of obamacare and. bridge that it's now allow you know for people who are
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insured under obamacare but in addition to that you also do have to look at gun legislation i think both n.r.a. members are in favor of legislation that will take out of the loopholes with regards to purchasing guns online with regard to purchasing guns at gun shows when you go to purchase guns either one of those venues they do not look for a do a background check with regard to your criminal record with regard to your mental health the way that they would if you go into actual gun store and also very some state to state and so we do need to look at those you know getting rid of those particular loopholes in addition to some of the mental health you know when they do that in colorado the n.r.a. came in through these threw the bums out as it were you know. the democrats led the effort and i got the i mean this is this is thirty two people on average every day is killed in america from got my. vote again again i say look there's nothing wrong with looking at our gun laws that we currently have on the books i don't think we
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need to. i don't know there's something very wrong with i mean mark they take up take these guys out of the well interestingly when this is a tragedy there's no doubt about that i think it has a lot to do with mental health but when this happens the first thing we want to do is talk about his passing laws you have to remember everything that he did coming out of the school grounds with the shotgun shooting people those things are all against the law and the idea that this individual clearly suicidal because he committed suicide the idea that more laws for suicidal and homicidal people if we pack on more laws when they're clearly either criminal or they're mentally ill to the point they're not going to follow the laws to me what he did was against the law and i do believe he has some more laws australia has a i think we need to go boy was australia had a series of these mass shootings that was like a whole bunch of them over over a period of about a decade and a half and they finally said enough you know there is no right to own a gun anymore australia and they did a massive buyback program they brought back hundreds of thousands of guns and destroyed them basically the population followed. terribly disarmed guns are
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relatively rare australian and they're very hard to get and you have to be licensed yet to be insured and they haven't had a mass shooting since then and that's been like what fifteen years have been like that i'd throw i throw another wrinkle into this and one thing is the reason we have so much money if the idea is that the n.r.a. is too powerful or the corporate lobby for guns is too powerful look at who is the largest who buys the guns who gives the corporations their power it's cyclical the government buys the guns the drug war the endless wars the government of united states government does not make guns law enforcement federal law enforcement our military they carry guns made by the same manufacturer and the drug we're going to back to you and we're going to want to work for you three agree you have to i mean ok let's very cyclical they're the biggest customer and then people are going to it's i did together i think ok well earlier this week along with this thing of money and i still think money and politics is a big problem i think that this demonstrates that connecticut governor dan malloy dannel malloy assigned the first g m a labeling law united states for other
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northeastern states have to pass similar laws before it goes into effect this way they minimize the harm as it were to one state's food producers it becomes a regional thing. you know and doing doing it this way makes a lot harder for monsanto to throw money at it but monsanto's blocked this in california they blocked it in washington state i believe it was last just pouring tons and tons of money into it american people have a right to know what's in the food they eat well i saw somebody say it is a fundamental right i certainly don't think it's a fundamental right it it's a first amendment right to express it if it's there if you will and fight it out but interestingly enough here governor malloy and i think i'm attribute the right quote i read the story quickly governor malloy basically said people should demand this information and the truth is i agree with that but the government doesn't need to pass a law to force it out the market if people demand it one of the companies if people really demanding it morning exercise a fundamental right to know what's in the food they will seek out those producers the do that they will demand at the market will react in the end they will.
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disclose this information as a competitive toll of people who are out there really wanting it were a little bit different what they're saying is the governor's going out there and saying you should care about this you're not demanding it from the producers themselves we're going to pass a law enforcement to do with what we found a cold one for example we started labeling sodium content and suddenly somebody people suddenly people started paying attention so that's no reason. and i think you need to disclose this i mean it's kind of misleading when you have these products on the market you're labeling them organic but then they're made with products that have been genetically modified to a degree and so it's just really a consumer protection type of action i don't see the harm in putting a label on there it is not any different than having the sodium the sugar content is just stating that you know these soybeans you just have to have what's wrong with telling people i agree with mark in the sense that there comes a point where you have to. let the government make the government move away and let the free market decide because the free market is going there is whenever there is
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a free market it's just the government doesn't allow the free market to work the way it's supposed to all these you know regulations most of the cereal. companies make most of the bread. and you have most of the. cereal and they're going to. of course they have choice i have an alternative i don't know if i don't like sure i'm going to have. more of tonight's big picture rubble. technology innovation. developments from russia. and.
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i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question for. about this big picture rubble with me tonight marc harrold nicole williams dutch martin let's get back to it iceland is sending their banks there is there a prison or icelandic banks have been have been literally sent to jail the c.e.o. of bank the biggest bank in eyes of the c.e.o. jamie diamond of iceland just got five and a half years in prison the former chairman of the bank also got five years in
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prison who also would be jamie dimon is he the c.e.o. and chairman i don't know whether you and the lloyd blankfein why can't we thought why can't we send our banks are to jail ronald reagan sent banks to jail i mean charles keating ronald reagan through his but jail you know much to john mccain's sure grin but still in a cold why are we doing i see me senator warner warner she acts the same question i think a couple months ago in one of the committee hearings you know it doesn't this activity borderline criminal some of the things that these banks have been getting away with the reason that we got into the recession to begin with in two thousand and eight someone needs to pay the price for it and i understand you know there are you know now giving billions of dollars an ounce of the federal government to you know the terms of settlement for these various lawsuits with the d.o.j. but is that really enough is your g.p. morgan just admitted not just to screw it up or something or breaking rules but to quine's actual you know
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a criminal admission and you know it's like if the four of us had gotten together after a show and you know gone down and robbed the bank down here you know and just made off with say five hundred bucks apiece and then set off oh yeah we had noted here here's a thousand dollars will pay a fine. they would have a conversation so it's like you know why why why is a part of this is criminal when i do it this is our only capitalism and that you know the too big to fail or too big to jail. you know you really don't do it after the first of all the laws are written a way that are usually forgiving to the corporate actors in the first place so if you can actually be convicted then they're going to give them light sentences white collar crime is traditionally given a lesser sentence but where does this come from it comes from you look at the contributions to the major party candidates in both parties goldman sachs is right up there towards the top in both parties you know it's interesting i was just walk past the treasury building what's right across from the treasury building a bank of america right there you can look out the windows and see it missing is very much bought and paid for but it's true it's too big to fail so they bailed him
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out and then it's too they're too big to jail i know i'm using that over but they're not going to put these guys in prison these are major players in this town and the government pretty much bought and paid for so dutch do we stop with the bought and paid for by repealing the. so as you know unfortunately no because as mark said that's basically how things work i don't like it i mean i saw how that worked in one thousand nine hundred five when reagan severs eighty six when you know what i am not going to make and i'm not going to make excuses or rationalize when it comes to breaking the law i think is wrong but like marx said the reality in which we live as they get crony capitalism. or get out of jail free card how do we change how do we change it well it all comes down to the individual when there is enough groundswell outrage and backlash by ordinary citizens then something is going to change so we've got to get out of the streets i think that's what the occupy movement was all about was you know down with the occupy but i didn't say i was with the occupy movement i'm with i'm with the dutch marist martin movement ok basically saying you know it's all up to the individual my thing is this if it
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adversely affects me then yes i'm going to say something ok not to minimize it but way saying i asked our country yeah exactly and people should be out of their homes absolute force is their suicides this probably you know child abuse there are even homicides and there's a hole in some of these banks just horrible and jamie diamond is still pulling down you know millions of dollars a week i mean or a month there what is that like marx that is that crony capitalism and unfortunately at least in this live some people do not pay for. they require ok well elizabeth warren has as nicole pointed out senator elizabeth warren seems to be the only person on this you know seriously taking this stuff on after this. third away think tank which turns out their entire board of directors is investment bankers not the entire but the vast majority of their board of directors are investment bankers have they attacked her in a wall street journal article saying that she was leading democrats off over the populist cliff was their phrase she needs something a letter saying. you know who or you funded which think tanks are you funding
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and i think it was very interesting we got it here's a clip of a little one talk of. anyone else want to tell me about the last time you took wall street banks to trial you know i just want to note on this their district attorneys and u.s. attorneys who are out there every day squeezing ordinary citizens on sometimes fairy thin grounds and taking them to trial in order to make an example as they put it i'm really concerned that too big to fail has become too big for trial that just seems wrong to. and. the big question is why is it only elizabeth warren why why is ted cruz not saying this the great populist who's going to occupy the floor of the senate why is john mccain the maverick talking about this i mean he should have some experience i mean he was part of the keating five
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you'd been you know basically bribed by the guys before you think he was learned from anybody you know out there saying hey you know it's or harry reid and simple o.c. or hillary clinton i mean why is that both sides of the aisle. crickets crickets dutch again banks are big political contributors number one number two so let's get the money out of politics ok well we don't we can talk about that till the cows come home but number two i think i'm going to play devil's advocate and say i think that senator warner has a bit of a thin skin because when this when these bank folks criticized her on the wall street journal she decided to go after them and in a backdoor type of way said ok who you funding ok you know where you get your money from well i mean number one thing turns and banks are under no legal obligation to the polls that information unless under you know federal subpoena or something like that personally i mean i don't i don't want to minimize some of the ones concerns but i think she needs to toughen up
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a little bit but i think as she's doing. i'm just. because yeah first of all i don't think she's has been and i think that she's asking the questions that all of it. she's the only one out there asking the tough questions and it's a transparent think they i don't think there's anything wrong with asking a corporation or athy any other entity to be transparent with the source of their funding that's. why is she asking that all of a sudden. start of the consumer protection bureau. that mean that her background her background is a protection bankruptcy looking out for the little people that is what she's been known as mine. problem of the and that and she has every right to advocate that but i mean it works of the american people mark people want somebody to take on the banks tears well i think people do listen why is there not a republican jump on the spat well because again you know you used to say bank robbers robbing banks because that's where the money is our money was politicians
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go to banks because that's where the money is they need to run these races that we are expensive and absolutely you know what's happening here i would be completely against i mean there are disclosure laws there subpoena their service of process but they would have to disclose this but she's asking the question they don't necessarily have to answer it if they really don't want to but i don't think there's anything wrong with an elected leader standing up just asking this question where are you getting your money we disagree on citizens united on this panel but i don't know many people that disagree with the second part the eight to one about transparency transparency in this country and jay carney was taken from the press this week transparency in this country needs to become an issue that's not partisan if anything we can disagree on the issues but we need to know what's going on out there and what's in our food and well no i think we can demand that but that what's in our food is a little bit different what's in it because what's in our food is something the market will react to she has the right to ask this question they don't have to answer it i don't think every think tank should have to come out and that's why i don't i don't think that there is a marketing a distinction i think the market is so consolidated by monopolists in the food
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industry just like it is in the banking industry that there is no such thing as a free market anymore basically what we have is is is crony capitalism and monopoly i think we have a great deal of crony capitalism i don't think there's any question about that and one of the consequences of this is that people are working for less than fifteen dollars an hour a study just came out showing this is from the alliance for justice i did it between the official end of the recession and two thousand and twelve the total number of jobs categories in which the median wage is less than fifteen dollars an hour increased by more than three point six all those jobs paying fifteen dollars an hour or more decreased by four million in other words good paying jobs are disappearing to be replaced by low wage jobs that make it nearly impossible to i would say survived. certainly very very difficult for his family and. isn't this a demonstration that the call that the government should be the employer of last resort that it's time for us to go back to what f.d.r. did and say you know capitalism has failed businesses will not hire people i will
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hire. one i agree with the sequester is a good example of where the government loses jobs how that affects the economy and when the government hires people how that also effects the economy and affects the the middle class so so to speak here in the united states and i think what you're seeing this is just an example really of the shrinking of the middle class is what is kind of in the way of the working poor exactly is the way that i see this this is just part of why you have this movement going on in a variety of different states i live in maryland and actually in the county where i live you know our county council has passed a bill to increase the minimum wage and so you see this movement going along all across the country in maryland in d.c. and washington state to increase the minimum wage above from the federal minimum wage because there's no way a person can survive by just making the minimum wage heaven forbid you do married with children there's no way
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a family of four can survive off of even eleven dollars an hour let alone what the current federal minimum wage is and so yeah i mean if the minimum wage was based off of inflation it would be roughly about ten dollars or so went out right now but i don't know who is based on productivity twenty dollars i mean this is this is this is what the what the what the corporate c.e.o.'s are big and i mean it actually was based on corporate c.e.o.'s are making closer to thirty four dollars but productivity has gone up so much you want to know if you would let me just say this ok from an economic standpoint all right if you take no minimum wage job and you expect that to be your career you've got bigger problems on your hands having said look a minimum wage job is not supposed to be a long term. i think it's supposed to be for those who are just starting out our trade policies made it so i don't know if you know that is the problem is that you people aren't able to get those jobs that are higher than minimum wage that's part and i'll only get a lot of people i mean the studies that show that jobs that pay roughly fifteen
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dollars not one there's seven people thirteen apply only average for that one particular job when you get to higher status the higher dollar amounts you have more and more people applying for the ira we stop you just aren't if the jobs were there people would take that they're not there you know how they're not going to work at mcdonald's we're going to when people do it anything that they can to put food on the table to the people who have been ok since you big government folks are all about the government stepping in here's the best way that the government can step in to increase jobs lower taxes that's what you know where did this exact it's really were that were really like that thirty two years to do exactly what. the reagan tax cuts park last twenty seconds of yours there should be no minimum wage or prices the most vulnerable people out of the market the idea that you know we're short on time but i'd say the idea of the government coming in and not only want to raise the minimum wage it's going to really make it harder for some people to buy those products at the wal-mart at the mcdonald's but the idea that they would guarantee you a job i mean they're going to guarantee you health insurance are going to guarantee
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you a job obviously i'm against all of these things this is where there's this is one of the rights that this is no then there's no way you can send a bill or i mean this is clearly getting into manny so we're we're out of coal thank you so much barack obama first ran for president back in two thousand and seven and two thousand and eighty sharply criticized the bush administration's assault on civil liberties but after five years in the oval office obama is now drawing comparisons to richard nixon what happened last james goodale who was general counsel for the new york times during the pentagon papers case internet conversations with great minds but. hello little i was a new alert animation scripts scared me a little league there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow
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the breaking news please please alexander's family cry tears of joy at it great things rather that there had to be ever read or get a quart of water on the ground alive is the story made sort of movies playing out in real life. please. please. please. lend. a little. little. little little little.
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cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. a little. for tonight's conversations with great minds i'm joined by someone who played an essential role in one of the most important first amendment cases in modern american history change see good was vice chair and general counsel for the new york times published the pentagon papers and led the paper's legal team in its fight against the nixon administration he's often called the father of reporter's privilege remains to this day a powerful advocate for the freedom of the press in addition to his legal work goodale has taught at yale and why you fordham university his new book fighting for the press the inside story of the pentagon papers and other battles is a must read for anyone who wants an in-depth look at one of the most famous supreme
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court cases of the past forty years james goodale joins us now from our new york studios. welcome thank you for being with us or live thank you for having me so let's start out with you before we get to the case i'm wondering if you were general counsel for the new york times and a vice president as i recall of that well vice chairman that's going to try to write a thank you you all the better. what what brought you to that what made you interested in newspapers in the first amendment and provoked you to brought you to be the guy who was arguing this case before the supreme court well i think that if you trace back what people are doing back to their childhood many times not all the times that many times there are connections and i was always interested in politics in the press when i was.


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